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Plastic masterbatch Category

Time:[2012-6-26]     Views:7734
Plastic masterbatch for the production of nonwoven masterbatch, chemical fiber masterbatch, and the following detailed description of plastic masterbatch according to the classification of different forms, such as by raw materials, technology, the effect of specific categories of:
(1) plastic raw materials classification
ABS masterbatch
PS, HIPS, masterbatch
PE of PP masterbatch
EVA masterbatch
Other plastic masterbatch
Two plastic molding process classification
Injection molding grade masterbatch
Blown film grade masterbatch
Cast film, film grade masterbatch
Cable grade masterbatch
Other molding process using a masterbatch
(3) special effect masterbatch
Pearlescent masterbatch
Metal masterbatch
Fluorescent masterbatch
Luminous masterbatch
Light change color masterbatch
Temperature masterbatch
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