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Black masterbatch production growth

Time:[2012-6-26]     Views:8950
Ethylene propylene, black masterbatch and raw materials such as was the trend of continued growth, affected by the world by the financial crisis, the slow recovery enterprise efficiency, rain and snow extreme weather on the Coal and Electric Supply and Transport, affecting the part of the sub-sectors.
The following conclusions from the data released by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, January 2010, domestic crude oil processing capacity of 30,144,500 tons, the ring was an increase of 500,000 tons, an increase of 29.18%; 18.5856 million tons of refined oil production, the ring was an increase of 310,000 tons. an increase of 24.38%.
Million tons refinery in Tianjin Petrochemical, one million tons of ethylene plant put into operation, the domestic ethylene, propylene and other organic chemical raw materials production continued to increase steadily, ethylene is expected to more than 1.05 million tons per month, up to 45 million tons of benzene. January the price of most products with the international crude oil prices Xianyihouyang overall rapid rise. Propylene, butadiene, benzene, styrene, ethylene glycol, PTA prices increase in the chain, respectively, 9.2%, 17.5%, 16.6%, 13%, 6.9%, 1.9%. Methanol prices in January could not be sustained the momentum of a sharp rise in the previous month, decreased by 0.4%.
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