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Quality of black masterbatch

Time:[2012-6-26]     Views:8506
The black masterbatch is the use of carbon black to produce. Here, for you to resolve the factors that determine the quality of black masterbatch, the following aspects:
A dispersion of: carbon black students is a very tricky and dirty mixture, covered with dust, light weight, was fluffy. Unless large-scale measures to deal with, otherwise it might damage the machines and workers, the work environment has become dirty
Covering power: for for scrap or recycled polymer masterbatch, this factor is particularly important in these cases, the black to cover the waste of other colors. Large particles of carbon black shading power of poor and difficult to cover all the other colors in the lower, the results of the final product only deviate from the color. In the melting process, the right to choose a high coloring capacity of carbon black to cover the capacity of existing color is called the covering force;
Three rheology: a masterbatch itself has a good dispersion, but it does not flow into the molded material, the effect of that production is not ideal. In general, for the production of masterbatch base resin has high rheology. In order to save costs, the masterbatch production of commercial reusable materials, waste or recycled material as a resin carrier;
Compatibility: if the masterbatch is to use the chips or recycled materials produced, it may contain contaminants or other non-melting polymer. This can cause unpredictable and difficult constraints of trouble and a waste of time and raw materials of the final consumer. Then, you can choose the base resin to produce high quality masterbatch, masterbatch only in the melting process compatibility. Quality masterbatch can be used to produce LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, and other materials;
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