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Characteristics of the carrier black mother

Time:[2012-7-5]     Views:8431
The carrier black masterbatch products original raw particle size to nanoscale carbon black powder and polymer materials and organic additives, high temperature, high pressure reaction polymerization technology processes processing to form the spherical shape of the black masterbatch, the carbon black content of up tomore than 90 percent, truly to protect the operation, repackaging, processing of the health and safety, is a true environmentally friendly materials. products suitable for ABS, PC, PA, PBT, LCP, the PPS, the PC / ABS, PET,TPR, PS, POM, PMMA, such as blow molding of plastic materials, injection molding, granulation, foam, masterbatch coloring process.

Has the following characteristics:

Carrier-free, does not contain any plastic raw materials, so ruled out due to the carrier caused by the lethal effects of physical properties: (skinning) such as physical properties are not compatible, lower impact resistance, MI increased too much.

High purity, strong color, high gloss, highly dispersed, not flying, low-cost, single-cut method of manufacturing the new technology of Germany, the formula composition of 92% of high-precision, high blackness, very small particle size carbon black powder ; 1% microcrystalline wax; 7% of the dispersant, inside and outside the slide is a very appropriate and very stable masterbatch formulations. Actual use in the processed carbon black content up to 65 ~ 70%. Because the integrity of the formula, shelter high dispersion of good and coloring inalienable type precipitation.

Smoothness, weathering resistance, good extraction resistance and resistance to migration.

(4) Add the amount of 0.5 - 1%, lower dosage will not cause the conductive phenomena, and so has been widely adopted in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

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