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Factory Address: Luopaixie Industrial Zone,Huadong Town,Huadu District,Guangzhou City,China.
Office Address: Room201,NO.16,Harvest Road, Luopu Street,Panyu District,Guangzhou City,China.


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  • Black BM37
    Black BM37

    BM37 Mdedium-grade General Type,Carbon Black is 37%

  • Black BM48
    Black BM48

    Carbon Black Masterbatch for Pipes

  • Black 2030A
    Black 2030A

    2030A black masterbatch for injection molding & blown film

  • Black DM50
    Black DM50

    Based on PE/PP and universal polymers as carrier, are made of top grade carbon black with high quality and competitive price. The concentration of carbon black is up to 50%. They are widely used in injection molding, blow film, extrusion, etc.

  • W60

    W60 are special concetrated white master batch based on low density polythene, there have 60% TiO2, use for medium quality film mainly. They have Better hiding power, dispersibility, flowability and tinting strength, all ingredients are accepted by Chinese State Food and Health Agency, they contact with foodstuff directly.

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