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Factory Address: Luopaixie Industrial Zone,Huadong Town,Huadu District,Guangzhou City,China.
Office Address: Room201,NO.16,Harvest Road, Luopu Street,Panyu District,Guangzhou City,China.

Equipment And Quality Control

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The best raw materials   
At YT we do not compromise on the manufacturing process of masterbatches. Only the most superior grades of plastic raw materials are carefully selected and used. For example,only the best quality carbon black powder & raw materials from renowned manufacturer is used. 

Blowing Film Machine

Melt Flow Rate Apparatus

Injection Molding Machine

Fluidity Test Machine

Strict quality control 
Each masterbatch is manufactured under careful supervision. The most rigid quality control measures are adhered to during the manufacturing process. All this to ensure high consistency in product quality.
The result is "The Best Plastic Masterbatches" 
With the above efforts , YT Masterbatches are fast becoming plastic industry's standard. Delivering better dispersion and gloss to your products, Assuring maximum jetness and opacity and high performance for moulding and extrusion appplication.
Economy and prompt delivery too 
YT Masterbatch are priced very competitively. And considering all the advantages our masterbatches deliver, you get the maximum value for your money.We also ensure that your requirements are fulfilled well within the agreed deadline. 
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