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Defoamer Masterbatch/Desiccant Masterbatch/Water Absorb Masterbatch DM48

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Model Number:YT-48

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Color:Grey White



MFI:15.0~25.0G/10 Min



Moisture Absorbent Content:>65%

Time to keep in Mixture48hours

The Dosage Rate:1%-5%

ROHS Index:Enviroment-friendly

Moisture Absorbent Weight:

20%-25% of masterbatchs' weight

Payment & Shipping Terms:


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Minimum Order Quantity:

5 Ton/Tons


Huangpu Guangzhou

Packaging Details:

Recycle material package in 5kgs vacuum bags

Delivery Time:

3~5days upon receipt of T/T deposit

Payment Terms:

L/C,T/T,Western Union

Supply Ability:

18000 Ton/Tons per Month

Detailed Product Description

Desiccant Masterbatch/Moisture Absorber/Additive Masterbatch
2)Absorb 25% water from plastic
3)48 hour

Desiccant Masterbatch/Moisture Absorber Masterbatch/Additive Masterbatch for Plastics

Desiccant masterbatch, also known as Defoaming or Anti-foaming masterbatch, is a new high technology functional masterbatch, without toxic, contamination, or bad effect to property of plastic products, specially designed to remove the water, bubble and drawback in plastic products with PE, PP, PVC, ABS, EVA, PS and PA raw material.


When adding our desiccant masterbatch, you can benefit a lot.

(1) Don't need drying process for plastic raw material any more.

(2) Strongly absorb the moisture of plastic raw materials.(25% of their weight)

(3) Increase the quality of finished products

(4) Obviously improve productivity

(5) Largely improve the mechanics property and appearance of plastic products.

(6) Reduce energy consumption.

Technical Data Sheet

1. Carrier: PE/PP

2. Color: white or light grey

3. MFI: 10-25g/10min

4. Density:1.5+0.1g/cm3

5. Fugitive constituent:1.5+0.5%

6. Effective ingredients: ≥50%

7. Time to keep in Mixture:48 hours

Shapes of 48 hours

Products Applications

These Masterbatches can be widely used in the PP, PE (HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE), PS, PA, ABS, EVA,PVC , Biodegradable plastics, regeneration plastic etc. Such as thin film, tableware, plank, sheet, tubes, extrusion, injection molding and flow delay, etc.

Processing Guide

1. This product will be directly mixed with the plastic raw materials uniformly, which will be used to carry out processing without baking the raw materials;

2. Adding amount is within 1% - 8%, 3% is the generally recommended dosage, which is adjustable according to moisture content of the raw materials.

3. Since the it have a good plasticizing performance and mobile performance, processing temperature can be reduced by 5 % -10 %.

4. The following three steps will be passed when processing: [batching] - [pre-mixing] - [forming]

5. Batching: in accordance with the requirements of plastic parts, choose the batching ratio.

6. Pre-mixing: adding the weighed materials and suitable amount of colorants or master-batch into the mixer, to carry out the simple pre-mixing.

7. Forming: loading the well pre-mixed materials into the plastic jetting-molding machine or the hopper of the extruder, execute injection molding or extrusion.



1) INNER VACUUM PACKING: 5kgs/vacuum bag, 5 bags/Carton             




1. The external packing uses the complex packaging bags, and the internal packing uses the plastic packaging bags;

2. Net weight of per bag: Recycle material package in 5kgs vacuum bags

3. The product should be stored in clean, ventilated, dry, and cool place;

4. Handling carefully, to avoid packaging damaged, to keep out of sun exposure and rain;


Guangzhou YangTian Masterbatch Industry Limited specialized in producing masterbatch for 10 years in good quality with competitive price. We earn good reputation from our customers from all over the world.

What's more, we have our won raw material factories so that quality and cost will be under good controlled.

As one of the members in China Plastic Association, we willguarantee our quality.

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